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a leading eCommerce technology and logistics services platform for furniture vendors and retailers.

Access a better online selling experience

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We look after all aspects of marketing, selling, shipping, and customer service for your products.

Our products include Freight Club, the all-in-one shipping platform, and Channel Gate, the AI-powered multichannel platform. When combined with best-in-class marketing expertise and personalized account support – we simplify the eCommerce and freight experience.

We are proud to be recognized alongside Canada's highest potential tech companies and named part of Team True North. We value contributing to the growth of the Canadian technology community.

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We leverage AI and machine learning to make dozens of business decisions throughout the eCommerce and freight journey.

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Establishing a business in a competitive online marketplace isn’t easy, and growth comes with its unique challenges. With the right tools, furniture manufacturers can enjoy a simplified experience while scaling their business.

We get it. You want to sell your products to as many distributors/partners as possible. Who doesn’t like more sales? However, there are reasons why offline retail strategies may not align as you think they would when you are trying to adapt to online retail in a post-covid era.

We are pleased to announce that VP of Product, Gord Elder, has been selected as Chair for the BCTech Product C-Council.

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