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We provide our partners with insights based on almost 20 years of data that allow for a better online selling experience from marketplace integration all the way through to delivery fulfillment and returns.

When combined with our AI-powered multichannel platform, an all-in-one shipping platform, best-in-class marketing expertise, and personalized account support – we simplify the eCommerce and freight experience.

With access to real-time analytics on product, transaction, and freight data, our vendors and customers trust that, with us, they can continue to scale in a highly competitive industry.

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Our Products

Channel Gate, the AI-powered multichannel platform.

Channel Gate offers on-demand order management, content management, and our Seller Intelligence module that provides performance analytics and insights to help drive eCommerce success. The platform leverages nearly 20 years of consumer data and machine learning, enabling us to take care of all aspects of marketplace management. You can expect performance driving marketing expertise and personalized account support including:

• Catalogue management
• Go-to-market strategies
• Trend analysis
• Custom growth opportunities that maximize sales potential
• Integration with our exclusive boutique marketplaces, Cymax Business and Homesquare

Freight Club, the all-in-one shipping platform.

With Freight Club, simplify your shipping process by effortlessly managing everything from quoting, booking, and tracking to complete claims management and shipping protection - all on one platform with zero subscription fees.

• Leverage B2B and B2C shipping solutions on one dashboard
• Enterprise rates with no volume requirements
• Diverse network of pre-vetted carriers
• Dedicated teams for customer success, service, and claims management for hassle-free shipping
• Best-in-class reporting on your carrier's performance
• Integrate your systems with Freight Club API suite
• Ship sustainably at no additional cost

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